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Bamboo Paddle Brush

Bamboo Paddle Brush

  • Bamboo handle and bristles
  • Rubber cushion for support
  • Essential for taming your mane
  • Great for long hair 
  • Gentle when detangling hair
  • Suitable for both wet and dry hair
  • Super durable 
  • 100% Recyclable packaging



Struggling to tame your mane? We’re here to smooth things with our  Bamboo Paddle Hairbrush. This brush is the perfect companion to long locks. Paddle brushes are bigger than your typical hairbrush and allow you to gently glide through larger sections of hair at once.

It's time to ditch the plastic, and switch it up to eco-friendly alternatives. Not only are they better for the planet, but your hair will be thanking you too! The brush gently glides through hair, combing through knots without that painful pull or snag!

Synthetic brushes & plastic combs actually increase the electrical charge of your hair, causing static, which leads to fly-away strands, tangles and frizziness. The Bamboo pins in our brush actually helps to naturally condition your hair, and evenly distribute your hair’s natural oils down the hair shaft.


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